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Sane Friends

The Big Question

German girl asked me this morning "would it be so bad to sleep with Spa girl?" This came up after we were talking about yesterday. Spa girl stopped by for some treatment and as a guy I immediately noticed that her pants were a little loose and when she laid down I saw that she had a nice thong on. (for my Australian readers I'm not talking about the foot wear). She said she was embarrassed that it was showing, but I doubt it. Anyway while I'm working on her I get the usual compliments of how strong I am and how good my hands are. She had one really bad muscle that I had to re-ask about pressure. Which like I said last entry she said the deeper you go the better it felt. Then she burst out laughing so hard I though she was going to fall off the table. Anyway after treatment we hugged and she pulled me hard against her. It was nice to run my hands on her back and through her hair. However as soon as I kissed her cheek she pulled away. I know this is new to her again, but at times I feel like I'm being played.

So back to the original question that I almost forgot. Would I think it bad? If we stayed the way we are I would say yes. It is not like me to be so casual with sex and I feel I would be using her as a sexual object. I don't know it's new territory for me also.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Follow your brain dude.. you've already said it would be bad. You've already noted the mixed signals you get. You've already mentioned that you worry you are being "played".

None of that leads me to believe that sex between the two of you would be a good thing.

But hey.. that's just my 2 cents worth. :)

Have a great weekend!!


pinkpiddypaws said it well.
It might feel good at the moment, but I think it'd mess wih your head.
However, that's rarely stopped me from wanting that special someone, and she definitely stays on your moind, so...


I have 3 letters for you


as long as you two are open and on the same page about, no reason 2 adults can't be friends and have a lil dirty fun.


What is wrong with friends with benefits sex? There is no need to have a relationship with every woman you become attracted to. Have some fun.

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