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Thursday 13

Thursday 13 Christmas Memories

1. Age 2-3 and being woken up to see Christmas with everyone before my brother left with his GF. We had one of those silver Christmas trees. It was bright and blurry for the 10 seconds I looked at it before I was spun around and taken back to bed.

2. When I was 10 and for some reason I wanted to know what I was getting for Christmas. So I unwrapped all my presents, looked at them, then wrapped them back up. Christmas sucks with no surprise.

3. The first year I had my paper route and I could afford to buy my own presents. I really didn't care what I got that year I was to excited to see how everyone liked what I bought them.

4. I broke up with my ex while we were still dating in a big blow out.

5. Years later to make it up to her I proposed to her on Christmas Eve.

6. Being woken up 2 months before Christmas by my ex since she was so excited to give my gifts. My only question was if I accept do I still get something else for Christmas. She said yes. Sucker!

7. Those first few years when Eric was young and to see his excitement with it all.

8. The first Christmas after we had separated and not to have the contact and to be all alone.
9. And this is my last Thursday Thirteen cause this is where I always get stuck and I'm tired of having so many of this list lying around.

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