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Sane Friends

Comedy Night

Well Spa girl was able to make it tonight and I finally got to meet her dog Zoey when I picked her up. Improv was great as always and boy did I get swag tonight. For sitting in the front row which I enjoy we got fish lollipops. I got picked for one of the games and got a bag of goodies. Last but not least I got 2 tickets for dinner and pictures since I'm always there and bring so many people with me. It was nice to have a "normal" time with Spa girl and put my arm around her while we watched the show. The weird part of the night was April. She's the MC I dated earlier in the year. She ended it with me before I would have since there really wasn't much chemistry. I remember the first 2 show after that incident were awkward and this was like that. Other than that it was a fun night.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

fish lollipops?

Please tell me they aren't what they sound like.

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