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Saturday with Me, Myself & I

Well for the forseeable future I will have a patient appointment at 9 every Saturday. I wish she could make it a little later, but I don't really mind since she is a good patient. Not like the fart knocker who didn't show up at noon. I really didn't think he would. So I moved most everything I wanted to over to storage this morning. The big stuff I'll leave in the room in the corner. Tomorrow I'll go back and organize the room so I can have the landlord come fix the light in the room so I can see.

I had wanted to go see the Cecil Beaton exhibit at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Spa girl was suppose to go with me a few weeks ago. Since that didn't happen and the exhibit was leaving in 3 weeks I figured I would go myself. It was good. There were pictures of Monroe, Hepburn, Taylor, and Leigh. Famous people like Chuchill, Jackie O, and even Prince Charles first picture as a baby. I really enjoyed just not having to worry about working pizza and having a few bucks in my pocket.

Over the past few days I've been realizing I share my problems very well, but my accomplishments and good stuff I don't say much about. I knew it was something I needed to change to start being happier. Then my reading this morning stated it again. If I don't share it then all I'm doing is keeping a secret and there is no reason to keep good stuff to myself. With that realization I was able to enjoy my day better.

The biggest good thing was that I have money now. Not that I really have any extra, but everything is paid. I was pulling out of the storage place and a cop passed by and I remembered a few years ago being in the exact same place, but worried since I was months past car inspection and not having the money to get it all done.

Well I see the holiday season has gone in to full swing. Trying to get into Barnes & Noble today to stroll around became a bit of a chore. Even Starbucks had a line through the whole store. As I know what I am making each week now I've put myself on a Starbucks budget with getting one of their cards. Being able to give myself a paycheck will put everything in a more orderly situation.

Interestingly enough I have heard from Spa girl since Tuesday when she stopped by for a few seconds. I had a patient then. I called her later if she wanted to stop by for treatment what her window was. I also did so the next night. No response so I said no more calls on my end. No loss or regrets.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Business sounds good, and the comfort level with money/the bills all being paid does too.

Lucky you to have seen the Beaton exhibit - he was SUCH an amazing photographer !

SpaGirl.... Grrrrr !


We have the collection on loan from London. Hopefully it will make the rounds to you on the west coast. Some really cooly pictures.

Spa girl, lol. You get more worked up over her than I ever do.


Congrats on moving ahead, making progress....
Except re Spa Girl, that is...

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