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Tales of Brenda

Since there seems to be a buzz about Brenda and I dated her before I ever started blogging I’ll go into some background to hopefully answer everyone’s questions. From now on I’ll call her Aroma girl.

In the summer of ’05 I was separated from my ex for a year. At that time I realized that I had reached all the emotional growth I was going to have on my own. Only in interacting with others would I have myself pushed and be able to better myself. I hadn’t dated in 16 years and I was extremely rusty also I was never a good dater before I had met my ex. Anyway I decided to try Match. It worked out well to get me back in the swing of things.

Aroma girl was the second women I officially went out on a date with. She had a great smile which I’m always a sucker for and the first woman I ever dated with short hair. Aroma girl was a massage therapist and a specialist in aromatherapy. Our relationship was like that Seinfeld episode because I gave more massages than I ever got. However I did get a lot of praise for my hands.

As I’m a feet first type of guy I asked her to go out a lot. She loved my spontaneous attitude of doing different things all the time old movie theaters, walks on the beach at night, thrift shops, yoga, etc. We did a lot. Aroma girl also liked that I was able to express my feelings which she never knew a guy to do.

It was a good relationship and she helped me heal some of the damage I had done in my marriage. The best thing we had was communication. We talked about anything and everything without fear. It was a beautiful thing.

We never had sex which was funny, well at least to me. We were making out in the car on our third date and she stopped to say that she wanted to take her time. I was all for it since I was still getting my dating legs. She was very happy about that. The funny thing was that she was dragging me into her bedroom on the next date. I was able to get enough blood to my brain (Imagine that) to say I really needed more time. We talked about it and agreed to wait some more.

That started our derail, but I had so much going on in my life at the time. I was having problems with my landlord in both business and home, divorce was still in the process, money shortages, etc. I see it now when I talk to Spa girl and all the drama. For me it was an everyday thing.

Out of the women I’ve gone out with only Aroma girl and another lady were able to talk to me about breaking up. Like I told Aroma girl I wasn’t happy, but I was okay. She asked why and I told her because I knew and didn’t have to try and figure anything out. It’s such a big thing in any break up.

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