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I'm a Bad Boy

Well I slept in this morning and through the mandatory pizza meeting. No loss, but I'm the consummate good guy so it bugs me. I did something bad, oh my! It just kicks up a lot of stuff that I still deal with. How I am defined as a person, what others think, the usual crap. Like always the more I talk about it the better I am. Keep it in my head and I'm dead.

This is a present from the florist from across the hall for my help in trying to get them established. Very simple, but very beautiful. Too bad it won't last.

Wow I don't have pizza to Wednesday, what will I do? LOL. I'm going to enjoy. After my patients today I want to try to find a used filing cabinet since mine are filling up with all the new patients. I would like to go and see the Christmas lights down on the boardwalk, but it's something I wouldn't do on my own. I'll see if Spa girl or someone else would like to go.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Jump SpaGirl already - the suspense is killing me :)


Those flowers are gorgeous!! And I second LA says.

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