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Sane Friends

Wednesday Hijinxs

Spa girl stopped by the office today. She's been out sick for the last 4 days and she still looked under the weather. I gave her some treatment to help her out. One thing I have found out over the years with working on people is that you know how a woman will be in bed when you work on her muscles. Does she like it soft or hard? Is she silent or a moaner? All this stuff comes out. Now back to Spa girl. I can't determine if she is being manipulative or struggling with this friendship. Cause when she got up she gave me a full body hug. Meanwhile all I have running through my head is Annie's comment and I'll paraphrase. "All I need to do is fuck her to have all the chaos back in my life." I really wasn't caring, but at least I kept it playing in my head.

I ran to get some lunch after she left to let the blood return to my brain. The I headed over to the spa since she has been wanting to wax me for a while now. I have to admit I have a bit of a uni-brow with the Italian in me as well my hair line goes to my eyes. I've just gotten use to it. All I could think about when she was going to do it was the scene for the 40 Year Old Virgin. a) Holy Shit that hurt like hell. b) Now I know why Steve Carrell cursed his head off c) How you women do a bikini is beyond me (although Spa girl said the first time is the hardest). In the beginning I didn't see the difference, but now I do and like she said it did open up my eyes. Who knew?

Pizza tonight? Oh jeez. Make $20 in tips and do a thousand dollars worth of damage to my car. I was backing out of a long driveway and all of a sudden I heard something scrape and then my car stopped. I tried to pull forward and the car wheels just spun. So I figured I'd get out and see. My door didn't open. Okay this isn't looking good. Lowering my window I see I've hit a fire hydrant that is 15 feet from the street. I knew I got on so I could get off, but it took a while of finding the right place for my tires to catch the ground since it seemed that the wheel must have slipped off the driveway once I hit. Finally when I did get it off I looked at it. I scrapped and grooved the back door. The bottom corner of the front door I gouged. CRAP! I have to admit I was only sad with it. I didn't go nuts or wishful thinking which was good. My door still opens and the window works so I have a new feature to my car.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I repeat -- "Never stick your dick in a crazy woman. You never know what you are gonna get in the end." ha..ha..ha...


I'm sorry to hear about your car. That sucks!
But your observation about treatment and how a woman will be in bed is very interesting.
You should do a full post on it.

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