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The Wheels on the Bus

Well actually my car. Since it's the holidays and this the time for certain things I got tires. Everyone else is shopping so the place was deserted and I was in and out. Paying more than I would like, but I wish I had a picture of the guy when he came in from getting my size. See my tires were smooth. I really mean that. You could barely see the grooves anymore. I was actually losing tracking the other day in a drizzle. See pizza does make you the money, but it does wear your car down. Like the guy said I got every penny out of them. However without my car I would truly be up shit's creek without a paddle. I was so happy to learn I have 20k more miles before I need to change my timing belt. I may have emptied my bank account over the last week or so, but my car is up to snuff.

Well today is freeing up fast. Patients are rescheduling for later in the week. Either sick from the circulating cold or need more time for pre-Christmas stuff.

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Wish I had been so lucky at the tire place. I had to inflate my tire and drive my car down to the shop only to find they were swamped and wouldn't be able to fix it today.

And Wednesday the mechanic is coming to get my daily driver to put new brakes and one new strut on it. I hate that screaming sound...make it stop.

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