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Sane Friends

Sorry Ladies

I see the opinion of you ladies out there is just to jump Spa girl. Jeez you're worse than the guys. Well its Sunday and here are my musings and happenings.

Spa girl and I got to talk a while this morning and more in depth into her. It was nice to learn more about her background. She was sad that she most likely couldn't make the comedy show tonight or see me. Her room mate dropped a bunch of stuff on her and she hopes to get it done by tonight. I see why I can relate to her so easy. She's me in many ways years ago as I worked on making myself a better person.

I'm reminded of Brenda who was the first person I officially dated after my ex and I split. She was a great person, upfront, assertive, and honest with how she felt and what she wanted. It was a great relationship while it lasted. The killer was all the drama I was still dragging around with me in a U-haul from my marriage.

You might ask why I bring this up. Well over the years I've worked to get over my Wounded Bird Syndrome. This is pretty much you find an injured person (emotionally or whatever) and you help them back up with the unconscious motivation that this person will love you and never hurt or leave you. I've done pretty well with this over the last few years. Since I can spot one a mile away.

Now back to Spa girl. I make sure I'm not saving her or taking on her problems. However I have to wonder am I doing the Wounded Bird in a round about manner. Being patient on my side with the unconscious want of the same results. I don't know yet.

Anyways it was a beautiful day here. Thursday might have been in the 30's but it has been in the 60's since and tomorrow is suppose to bring the 70's. So I enjoyed myself outdoors today with a walk around one of our lakes. Now I'm relaxing until the show.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Sunday evening Mike.

The lake is gorgeous.

Spa Girl most certainly is a wounded bird.

And I for one have very little patience for her shennanigans with you, the latest which is the crap about her room-mate.

Jump her. Just. Jump Her. And then dump her.
She'll come running until you are nice to her again, at which time she will then again have a busy schedule.


I hate that woman. She's a head case other women can see from a mile away -- but love (or lust) sees good even in the wicked witch of the North....

"Oh come on now, Tin Man - look at the pretty shade of green in her complexion; and her shoes, look how fashionably pointy they are; and she had SUCH a difficult childhood - she's really isn't wicked at all..."

sigh. I want better for you. Call me co-dependent :)

Why not call Brenda again ?


Am I too hard on you about this ? Should I just shut up ?

I don't want to see you hurt or let down because I think you are a good person and trusting --


You seem to pick some real winners. You do deserve better than what she has to offer.


Oh no! Have I missed your "jumping" action? I must catch up on the drama here.
I've been away for a while. I do apologize oh fine wizard. Is that what the picture has up above? I must check again.


Yes you are a wizard.
I hope you're doing okay with the lady friend. But I see most people here want you to dump spa girl. I can't tell you what I think. I'm still reading all the drama.

But here's some drama for you. I am lonely without my family and friends here in warm california.

Not enough drama? Dang okay. Are you a dentist? I was in pain for 3 weeks. If you are, where have you been???!

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