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Sane Friends

Ah Life

Ah life it's always an adventure. Before I went out this morning I sent Christmas cheer to most everyone in my address book. Then I headed over to see my Mom. I brought her a coffee since she didn't want anything else. I made all my family phone calls there so she could talk to them. Then I did her nails before bringing her back for lunch. Since it was a nice day I stopped by the lake to walk and get some exercise and fresh air.

When I got back home I checked my mailbox and read all the thank yous. Then I opened the last one and it was from L (old GF). I wondered did I accidentally send her a email? Was she still in the old computer address book? Reading it I found out my address was in her computer and she was wishing me a Merry Christmas. So I shot her back a quick reply wishing her and her dog Happy Holidays. Then I realized there was an attachment. So I opened it and it's pictures of her. The break up had been weird since she sent a dear Mike email. However once in a while we run into each other or she drops me an email. My friend the therapist always said she is just making sure she can always turn to me when she needs. I know she wants to be FB without the friends part. While attractive since the sex was great it's not where I want to go with a woman. I want a deeper relationship than we had and I know it's not going to get there. So I don't want to put my energies into something that isn't going to payoff in the long run. So it's going to be a rough couple of days with the opportunity for sex close at hand like it was after I separated from the Latina a long time ago. As always my choice is to go for what I want or what is easy.

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