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Tis the Season

Tis the season for a hard on I see. My spam box has been stuffed with Viagra and enlargement missives. Did everyone get randy on seeing all the Christmas balls hanging around? Or is it that with the coming holidays guys expect to get lucky as part of their holiday presents?

The weirdest thing here is that the radio voices of Santa and the Elf are done by the same two people. Now for most you wouldn't think this would be a problem when you hear these two talk about billiard tables. Not too bad when they then talk about chimney cleaners, but then they start talking about the Love Shack. Ho, ho, ho that's more than a candy cane stuck in your stocking.

Work wise the doctors across the street referred another patient which is great. Hopefully the other 4 doctors there will join in. Besides that it is nice to just pay bills and not be worrying if I have enough money to get a Happy Meal.

No response from Aroma girl yet. I'll give it till tomorrow before I let it go.

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