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The Goodbye Guy

Well tonight was my last night of pizza. It was bittersweet. I'm very happy to not be doing it anymore. However I hate saying goodbye. Besides my manager I didn't tell anyone else. I ended up telling Ed that it was my last night because we were talking when I was leaving. It was my way of avoiding it all. With moving so much as a child saying goodbye or having people ripped from you was common place. So now when I have to do it instead of being the firecracker of emotion it is a stick of dynamite and it sucks. Wish I could bleed off the extra crap from childhood, but I don't know how. So I just make sure to feel what I'm feeling, not cover it up, and don't do anything stupid. Sorry this is going to be one humongous paragraph, but it seems my "enter" button isn't working on my old laptop. Today was also the block party that wasn't. When Tom and I talked in the beginning of the month we rescheduled it for today. Only when I went to contact him this morning he just finished his colonoscopy. He didn't know anything about the party. After I had already contacted everyone about it I felt like a ripe jerk. However no one came looking for me to find out what was happening so maybe everyone missed the memo, but me.

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Goodbye's suck. After reading this I'm craving pizza!! Dang you Mike!!


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