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Sane Friends

Jeez! Who Knew?

I had to go out and buy non-latex condoms today due to problems that have arisen. No big deal especially since Isabella had just done a entry on this a few days ago. It was perfect timing. Anyway I knew what I needed to get, but WTF? You get half the amount for more money. Is the stuff dipped in gold or something? Business people would say supply and demand since every other product out there is made of latex.

Well finally the cold front is coming and by tomorrow it'll be here. We'll be in the cool 80's, woohoo! After the last few days of being in the 90's with a heat index way over 100, I'll take it.

Very sad to hear that another one of my favorite bloggettes is ending their blog. Steph over Much Ado About Sumthing has called it quits. I knew it was coming as with others the entries start to die down. Longer and longer periods of time between them and then finally one day the bad news is announced. I'll miss you Steph.

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