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When Did This Happen?

I seriously broke my arm 30 years ago, I met my ex 20 years ago, and Eric is almost 10 years old. When did I start measuring my life in decades?

Anyway the train ride back to NJ sucked. A freight train broke down in front of us delaying us 4 extra hours. I was on the train for 11 hours. My brother picked me up and drove me to pick my car up with 15 minutes to spare before they closed. He asked if I wanted to stay, but after napping and sitting on the train all day I really wanted to get on the road. The car handled great for the ride home so I was happy. That was until today when I went to put the AC on and there’s no cool air. I have a funny feeling they forgot to put the belt back. I checked to day and there was no leaks.

So I went to the mechanic this morning, but the wait was too long so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

I'll see the Planner again tomorrow night. It was funny to hear her say that Sunday would be too long. What is really nice to hear is her thinking about what she wants to do for me on my birthday in November.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Eleven hours on a train - augggggh !!!

And then no AC in the car - auggghhhhh !!!

Glad things are going well with The Planner.

And I think that the older we get, the more we measure things in decades...


Oh, my November.

Then again, last month, E made hotel reservations for an event for us in late October.

That feels like a commitment, doesn't it? And, with the right person, that's okay. Glad to hear you're feeling good about it.


she is really into you!!!

planning a BF b-day 5months out?? That is prime time IN LOVE, head over heals...

Be careful, you might break her heart, if you are not THAT into her...

that or she might make you RUN away in fright!!!


I started measuring my life in 5 and 10 year increments about the time I turned 30. All of a sudden, things that had happened in the past were more than just a year or two ago.

Sucks, too.

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