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Sane Friends

Happy Monday

I'm glad to say it was a relaxing weekend. Something I needed after the whole car scenario. It helped me scrape any barnacles off that were dragging on me. I went to bed early last night and I could have still slept in this morning.

I did get me cell phone bill and I'm glad I relaxed this weekend because the relaxing is over. WTF? the bill is almost 3x as high. I was expecting the overage on text messages. The Planner has already seen it on hers so I knew mine was coming and had upped my minutes. However some how I went 100 minutes over my plan. How the hell did that happen? I'm always 150-200 minutes under. I'll need to stop in to find out what the hell happened. I love getting outrageous bills when money is already flying out the door.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Mine is just now getting back down to manageable. Any of M's friends who didn't have a cell phone, seemed to get one for their spring b-days or for 8th grade graduation, oh, plus throw a boy interest in there for her(okay, and a man interest for me). I think next months will finally be realistic again. Maybe they'll do a payment plan with you? Mine is great if need be.


Ha, I meant next months bill, not next month's man. lol

Um, Planner isn't suggesting you move in with HER, is she? Two mentions of this in your blog thus far (1 her wondering if you two would ever share a place, and 2 her not liking your current situation).

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