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It's Back to Work I Go

The Planner was on me last night about my plan to bike and bus to and from work. Since it's hot and humid this week she pointed out that I'm going to be a sweaty mess. So looking into renting a car wasn't to expensive. However my Landlord said I could borrow his extra truck. Today he drove me while he empties the other truck.

For some reason my cellphone is getting no reception in the office today. WTF? Half the time it's trying to roam. Did someone kill a tower?

I'm trying to keep myself calm as I do work today. For some reason I'm trying to be insane and do a week's worth of work in an hour or so. Theirs no reason for it so I'm trying to let it go.

Wow did all the stress hit me like a freight train this morning. I really just wanted to sleep. It's very good to be back home. While my brother has a fancy place I didn't realize how sterile it was until I was at the Planner's place. I know my brother being a dictator and my SIL is superficial didn't help.

I caught up on all my emails and blogs last night. While I may not have left a comment I did read all 115 of them. Oye!

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