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One The Road Again

Boy I forgot how much I enjoy driving a stick. I'm not too much of a fan of driving a truck, but manual transmission is fun. Having done it for 11 years it's like riding a bike. So my life is getting back to normal. I visited my Mom today and hit the gym. Oye a week off makes a difference.

Well the Planner and I had the "talk" about not seeing anyone else. She brought it up which is a first for me. Since I've been divorced I've always broached the subject. I have to admit dating later in life is completely different than my younger days. Just toss the book out because it's a totally different animal in all aspects.

I'm all set to return to Jersey Saturday to pick my car up. The Planner is picking me up for Happy Hour Friday with the singles and I'll stay at her place. She'll drop me off on the way to work. My brother is picking my up at the station. So I'll grab my car and hit the road.

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