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Sane Friends

Sunday Rewind

The Planner texted me to arrive 20 minutes later than we planned so she could light candles at her place for my arrival. She has an awesome candle display at the top of the stairs. I need to get a picture of it one day. I have to admit that it also puts off a lot of heat. She asked what I wanted for breakfast and opted for the cereal she had last time I was there. So it'd been a month so I picked up another bouquet of flowers for her. Having worked horticulture for years she loves flowers.

The bump in the evening was that her mom had been in a car accident. The car had been totalled, but she was doing okay besides being sore. So the Planner was worried about her for the night. We enjoyed talking and looking over my photo album that I had brought over.

The Planner hasn't said the "L" word to me, but I can see the struggle of letting go and staying safe. She's moving in the right direction faster than I thought she would so I'm good. We talked about seeing each other 2 times a week. If we could do more that would be great, but a 2 time minimum was needed. Also a date thrown in there was also very fun.

The Planner was upset with my living situation today. I guess all I share is the weird stuff in the house so she is becoming worried that it will affect me. I listened to her feelings and I'll balance my sharing from now on.

When she went to work I went to meet the singles for the Dark Knight. It was a good movie. I have to agree with the reviews. Heath Ledger stole the movie. Everyone else did okay jobs. I wasn't too happy with the ending, but it's well worth the price of a ticket.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Things sound very good indeed with you and The Planner, Mike. I'm happy for you :)

Bringing her flowers again was nice. Two to three times a week to see someone is perfect in my book !

So what I think I read is that rather than change your living situation, you would rather hold some things back about it. Is that a communication pattern you really want to start establishing ? And how would you respond if she did likewise ? I'm just wondering if there is another way... Maybe explaining to her how you feel about her worries, rather than shutting her out.

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