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Sane Friends

An the Hatchet Falls

Well I knew it would take a while to do and since I had more free time today than tomorrow I did my pruning of the singles group. I had given them notice that if membership dues weren't paid by the end of the month the would be removed from the group. I knew the older members from before I took over would be the most problematic since they had already voiced their [bitching] concerns. Well a little over 2 hours later I had removed 120 members all of which were deadbeats. One person tried to sneak back on the site, but that didn't happen. Another person complained of why he should have to pay when he hasn't gone to any events. Hey with Match.com you pay whether you email anyone or not. You've been on almost 60 days get off your ass and pay the amount which equals a cafe latte. Anyway like a bush or tree I think the group will grow stronger now.

My own bitching is with McDonalds. Their cover for when you are at the speaker making an order does f-ckin' nothing to keep you dry when its raining. I have no idea why, but its a complete waste of money on their part.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad you pruned the 120 deadbeats !

McDonald's corporate could care less if you get wet - they don't factor that into their yeary gross revenues- customer comfort. Shows you how little 'customer service' really means to them except as a slogan.

And since the other fast food chains are equally apathetic about their drive-through service structures, nothing happens.


I really can't believe the people in the group are complaining about paying $5. I think you said it was that?? You seem to put together a variety of interesting things to do so they should appreciate your effort, in my opinion.


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