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Sane Friends

I'm Mr. Freeze Miester

After many twist and turns I finally have AC back in my car which a good thing since it's suppose to be 90 here today. Having it plugged back in helped. They also did a few little extras which helped the car feel more like it use to which I'm happy for.

The Planner is sad she'll be missing the new Batman movie since she'll be working during the singles event. However I still wanted to see Hellboy 2 and she was into it so we'll see it Saturday night after she gets off of work. It's funny that she'll then make sure I'm sleeping over. I wish I had taped our conversation of how freaked she was to have me sleep in her bed with her. How times have changed.

Oye it's 2 weeks since I had my forced vacation away from work. So I'm now feeling the effects of it on my wallet. Yuck.

I haven't heard much from Eric since I saw him a week and a half ago. We didn't talk at all last week. When I called him this Monday we talked for a little while before he said he would call me back. Then nothing. Since he is older now I can't tell if it's him or my ex.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It could even mean he really meant to, but then forgot, or things got busy, or the ex didn't quite give him an opportunity perhaps with or perhaps without actually denying him calling. I know my DD was so frustrated this week, me telling her she had to call her dad, that he almost never calls her (even if she leaves a message). So, stay calling Eric, reminding him. He is just a kid, and he needs to know you care, so good:)

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