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Sane Friends

Hump Day

The Planner and I talked some last night. She admitted she can get a little bitchy when she isn't feeling well. So it'll be something I have to make sure to point out when I see it occur. Like it is said any relationship can fall apart if allow bad things to happen.

The biggest hurdle for me was that fear of angry women that I have. I got if from my Mom. While she could be normal she could instantly fly off the handle and become a beating machine. So I fear that instability when something is up with a woman I'm in a relationship. So it was a lot of prayers and meditation yesterday to remind myself that the Planner wasn't my Mom or my ex. It took a while, but I was able to relax after a while.

The Planner cooked some great food last night and I did the dishes afterwards. She was still feeling a bit yucky from her cold and her throat was burning. I offered to go get her something from Dairy Queen, but we ended up making a trip together. Afterwards she showed me where her dad is buried.

Death is something we disagree on very drastically. The Planner believes in the afterlife and that gives her purpose for doing things in life. While I'm the opposite. I don't believe in anything after your dead. I give people all their roses while their alive since they can't enjoy them when their dead. I work to make my life heaven on earth. The Planner is always a little disturbed when we have these talks.

Tonight she's driving down here to go with the singles and I to the Funny Bone. It was funny to hear her ask if I was coming back home with her tonight. We were laying in bed together and to hear her ask brought a smile to my face. She is getting over quickly having me in her bed. While it would be great to go back up, gas will keep me home. I'll see her Friday when she comes down for her mom's tests.

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