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Bing, Bing, Bing Richocet Rabbit!

Geez am I wound up today. I think the break down traumatized me more than I thought. I was packing up and all I need was one day of stuff. However I kept looking at my gym bag like I was missing something. It's only one day, but I think my brain is having a hard time with that.

So I sit here in my office with some stress induced vertigo hitting me. All in all it's a pretty relaxed if not full 24 hours. The Planner is coming to hang out with me today. I'm just about to head over to the block party and then I only have 1 patient later today since the other rescheduled. Then it's off to our Happy Hour that hopefully will be very well attended.

Tonight I'm staying at the Planner's house again in the same bed. Woohoo! She'll drop me off on the way to work and then it's just a train ride to pick up the car. If anything is going to happen it will happen tomorrow night on the way home. The Planner wanted me to wait to drive home Sunday, but I know I couldn't relax at my brother's place this soon. I need to know if the car is up to specs ASAP.

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Hope you had a good weekend, Mike, and a good time with The Planner !

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