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I Feel Good

Finally I was able to get adjusted. OVDC was busy last week so I didn't get to see her and my back felt it. It was bothering me for almost two weeks now. She joked with me that it was from wild sex with the Planner which wasn't far from the truth. I'm not used to a foot board on a bed. I contorted myself once, but never again. I've been paying for it since then.

Working on reactivating some of my old patients. I know that any business I get in the office is going to be more than I can make at any part time job. Also any energy I put to the office always pays more to me.

That being said, as it stands now I have nothing tomorrow afternoon. So the Planner and I have tentatively setup a date. Since she works 7 days a week with her 2 jobs we never really get to hang out for long periods of time without giving up sleep. So we're hoping to do so tomorrow. I'll head over early and go to the doctor's with her and then we can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening together which will be fantastic. Hours and hours together? What a concept?

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