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Sane Friends

Look into the Crystal Ball

The Planner and I had a enjoyable phone conversation as we usually do. She's helping me with my singles letters and I'm helping her with her mission statement.

We started our morning with some playful banter. I was surprised after a few texts that she asked if I was depressed today. I was troubled today about finances. My car put me back financially and I'm struggling now to make ends meet. I hate when I start getting it all together that something takes my feet out from under me. With the office being slow this week I worry. I was impressed that she could read me so soon especially through a text.

She suggested we not see each other since it was a poor financial week for both of us. I have to admit this kind of stuff shakes me. Deep down I feel it is a push off. Since half the time we just hang at her place, talk, and have a great time. The other half we do go out to do something. I informed her that I still wanted to see her. She said something that meant a lot to me, "that their was something about me that just makes her so happy to know me." It helped turn my mood around which can go negative pretty fast which is ironic since the Planner always says how positive I am.

On other fronts. The singles are slowly paying. I'm getting more questions and a few disgruntled people. Jeez you would think I was asking for a kidney instead of the cost of a visit to Starbucks. Hey at least I'm getting rid of the dead weight.

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