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The GF

I was surprised when it came up I couldn't tell the Planner about this blog. I talked about my older one and the singles one, but this journal I needed for myself. It helps keep me sane and I never want to censor myself here.

The Planner is still trying to piece in her minds how I got here from my troubled past. Each time we get together she gets a better piece of the puzzle. Last night talking about masturbation (don't even know how we got there. Wait I think it was me going for long periods without sex) she seemed to get a better picture of me. As she knows I'm very open with myself. I've been waiting to hear her stuff since she gives me little pieces here and there, but in a quiet time I'll have to be more direct. I asked today while she was driving me home and she couldn't fully focus to tell me.

I have to admit it's so nice to have an equal partner in this relationship. Through all my serious relationships it was never balanced or jelled together so well. When we're together our chemistry is really great. Problems or differences we've talked through. She's more of a private person than I am, but her motivations aren't bad ones. So I'm very happy with were it is going. The Planner still has certain reservations that seem to be life long and will take time for her to work through. She's done a lot in the few weeks we've known each other. I still think her asking me to sleep over was huge for her and it all worked out well.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

wow...that was a fast transition to gf. I hope you two are happy together.


Glad things are going well with you two - will keep my fingers crossed for you, and hope that she continues to open up.

You are smart to keep this blog private - you would censor uoirself, and that takes all the fun out of it.

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