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Sane Friends

Dinner & a Movie

Well the Planner drove down to join me for Hellboy 2. She likes my ability to plan events. I guess that's why I do so well with the singles. The only problem was that she ran into a bunch of traffic on the way there. So I went in and got seats and had her text me when she got there so I could bring her in. It was great to see her and I don't realize how much I miss her till I see her.
Hellboy 2 was good, not great. While the strength of these movies has been the interplay between characters. This time around it just didn't click. The visuals were stunning though and it made for an enjoyable time. A rental would be better than a movie ticket.

Afterwards we walked over to Kelly's Tavern to enjoy some snacks. We got to talk about what we had been accomplishing in our lives. Even though we text throughout the day there is always plenty to talk about.

By the time we were finished it was late and the Planner gets up early for work on Saturday mornings. So it was a nice goodbye kiss and hug and the talk to our get together tonight.

With her help I created a letter to collect funds from people. Mostly the people that never come. I did some research and exactly 50% that's 115 people in the group have never come to an event. So I pretty much asked all those that had been on the site for over 60 days for their membership fee or I would remove them. In the beginning I didn't want pay for the job, but I'm spending at least an two hours a week running the thing. I still can't find a full time assistant organizer, but I have a few people that like to help out from time to time which is a big help.

Well it's been a lazy Saturday for me. The last 3 Saturdays have been insane. The last 2 I've been on Amtrak going north or south bound and 3 weeks ago I broke down. So a Saturday that I did jack was great.

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