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10 Year Goals


1) Work Department: 10 years from now
a) What income level do I want to attain? I want to be making $80,000/year
b) What level of responsibility do I seek? Want to stay owning my own business. No partnerships, groups, etc.
c) How much authority do I want to command? I want to keep complete authority over my business. Never want to give control over to employees or have an office manager.
d) What prestige do I expect to gain from my work? I want to be well respected and known.

2) Home Department: 10 years from now
a) What kind of standard of living do I want to provide for my family and myself? I want to be making $80,000/year
b) What kind of house do I want to live in? 2-3 bedroom condo in walking distance of the Chix beach waterfront. I want a balcony, fooz ball table, and a glass enclosed shower.
c) What kind of vacations do I want to take? Every month have a weekend get away. Once a year a week long trip.
d) What kind of financial support do I want to give my children in their early adult years? Want to be able to buy Eric a car and be able to help out if he needs it

3) Social Department: 10 Years from now
a) What kind of friends do I want to have? Successful people I can count on
b) What social groups do I want to join? None
c) What community leadership positions would I like to hold? None
d) What worthwhile causes do I want to champion? VBSPCA, HR Food Bank

How about you. What are your 10 year goals?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Those all sound quite reasonable, Mike.

$80,000 gross - which is approximately $6,600 dollars a month BEFORE taxes - or $80,000 net income ?

How many clients would it take each month for your monthly income to be $6,600 ?

At $75 per person (and I'm just guessing, you could could/may charge less or you may charge more) that would be 88 people a month or 22 people a week, or 4-5 clients a day. If you work a 5 day work week.

How much do condos cost with your wish list of things ?

If you put 10% down, what would your monthly mortgage payment be ?

And what about the yearly property taxes for the condo, and/or assocaition fees ?

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