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Sane Friends

Major Tom to Ground Control

Well I'm finally home although minus the car. I took Amtrak back down and I'll go back up later in the week to get the car when it's finished. There is no way I can stay away from patients that long without their being a problem. It was an enjoyable ride. Kind of like taking a plane. The first part of the trip was a bit of a let down. I always hear how nice it is to take the train and see America. Well from NJ to DC it's one big slum. Virginia I have to admit was very pretty.

The Planner told me she would pick me up and I would stay at her place instead of having my Landlord pick me up. She was actually telling me I could sleep in the same bed as her. Oh my! Well she got promoted to GF status with the pick up. We had a fun time last night. I stayed in contact texting and calling each day so that we stayed connected. She liked that. Sleeping worked well and she did pretty good, but still needs practice having someone in bed with her. The Planner is also switching gears faster when we meet to be in relationship mode. We had a great talk last night and this morning. I did let the "L" word slip out this morning when I got out of the car. I wasn't quite sure when it was going to come, but there it was. I'm not quite sure if she noticed or not.

Well it's going to be a week of bike riding and busing it around town until I have wheels again. Pictures will come tomorrow when I have a high speed connection.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm sure she did and I bet she loved it - all women do, if they are into you, which it sounds like she is

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