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Sane Friends

Happy Hour

Well the Planner and I went to Guadalajara’s for the singles Happy Hour. Since we hadn’t seen each other all week and having spent half the day together in my office we were pretty frisky in the parking lot. She wanted us to be casual together inside since she didn’t want it to affect the group. I assured her that there were plenty of other couples in the group. Hey it would stop people from hitting on us.

It’s really a great place inside. Nice and colorful with margarita slushee machines. People slowly arrived and since everyone knows my picture they gravitate to me. The Planner was playing photographer. I was very surprised that the place doesn’t water down the drinks. Halfway through her margarita the Planner was pretty loose and relaxed. While she still was very appropriate it became everyone that we were a couple.

It was a nice turnout. I usually look for 50% turnout at these events and this didn’t disappoint. Out of 43 people we had 22 showed up. The event took a life of its own as people settled into groups and it was a nice sight to see what I had accomplished. Since no one was around us I asked the Planner is she was ready to leave so we could have some alone time. With her being a little tipsy I got to drive her convertible to her place. It was the first time since I was about 3 years old since I was in one. It was nice, but I still like a hard top better.

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