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I finally did something today that I should have done a while ago, but never did. I called other offices in the area to see what they are charging. Good news! I'm pretty much the most expensive guy out there. There was one other doctor that charged more for an exam, but he did x-rays also. Treatment was a lot lower, but most just adjusted and didn't offer anything else. I never wanted to be the cheapest guy on the block so it was nice to find out I'm not. I push quality service here and I want to make sure I'm compensated for it.

I do want to thank Annie for the quick analysis of my goals. It reminds me of the limitations I have as a single practitioner. Also it reminds me why I want to rent space in my office to off set that. As always writing things down helps crystallize my wants and actions.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Good idea, and glad it directed you to learn something important!


I don't blame ya for calling that sounds like a great idea! And I know I'd pay more for quality service, the cheapest guy on the block is NOT someone I'd want to see for any medical treatment. I'd be worried where the costs were cut!


Weekends - yeah one doctor was so cheap I had to ask what he was doing because I couldn't beleive it.

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