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A Very Nice Day

I forget how much Eric wakes me up at night.  Even though I was having trouble sleeping it was better when I was alone.  However it's a lot more fun with him here.  My niece and him really enjoy playing together.  However many things were already planned so she is not always here.  

Eric and I have been playing a lot of catch(he really has improved) and rough housing which is an old favorite of ours.  Today we took a walk into town to see the sights.  My god it's a restaurant town.  Every store front is another one.  Eric took lots of pictures.

I think I finally shed my old film camera feelings of limiting pictures.  Now with a big memory card we can take as many as we want.  I'll post pictures when I get home.

Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow so I can start home.  I really don't want to be caught in the holiday traffic.  

On the dating front.  I had suggested last week at some point we should get a room with a large size bed to start getting the Planner use to having someone in the bed when she sleeps.  At all other times she's happy to have someone next to her.  Last night she wants to schedule  weekend away for us.  Nothing fancy just a room by the beach so we can hang and relax.  Only when I've been married have I been in this spot.  So it's nice to have it come up again.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Eric, the camera with a big memory card and a large bed for The Planner - sounds like much is good in your world, Mike !

Drive carefully tomorrow, and enjoy the fireworks this weekend !


I have that same problem with taking pictures - I feel like I'm wasting film

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