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Here Comes Another Love Song

The singles and I went out last night to the Funny Bone. It was a fun time. The Planner asked if I was uptight at the end. I said no, but being the organizer it's hard for me to focus on everyone. Before the event started I mingled with everyone, but it was like her and I weren't even together. Once the show started then it was like a little date for us. We held hands and occasionally she put her head on my shoulder. The biggest thing I explained to her was that I don't want to be in charge of anyone elses fun. Depending on the group dynamics I have to be careful. While the show was going on everyone was good, but as soon as it ended they were like little children just sitting there. Finally I herded everyone outside and said my goodbyes. I wanted some alone time with the Planner.

It was good to see her twice in one day. It's so funny because she was already hinting for me to come back to stay at her place tonight and she would drive me back today. I asked if she wanted to do all that driving since she would be back down here tomorrow. So we threw that idea out the window so then she suggested we just get married and live together. I was like sure lets go for it. LOL. For the woman who wasn't sure she wanted a relationship and a person close to her, the Planner is so deep in this now it's funny.

For me I'm having a slight hard time with it all. No nothing like that. Like I've mentioned before this is the first relationship since my marriage to get this deep. I find myself falling on old bad habits that my ex instilled in me and I don't like it. Each time we're together I'm ripping out old wiring to make way for new. I know this is the healthy way to do it. I just wish I didn't have to. Last night for me was just enjoying the time together. While I learned a lot of this from L. The Planner is more intense at times and I fall back to old habits.

One of the Planner's complaints of me last night is that I won't just come out and say what pleases me. If she ask I'm open to the best of my ability. Like I told her last night, it's a question that really has never been asked of me so I don't know how to answer.

It took us a while for us to find place to snack last night. The Cheesecake Factory was beyond packed and everything else was closing down. We ended up the Red Star Tavern which is known for it's large portions. Here's the carrot cake the Planner got. I love the large knife sticking out of it.

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Funny how relationships push our buttons, isn't it ? It's good that you are recognizing things and working on them. I hope for the best for the two of you :)


Isn't it nice when someone really likes you????

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