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I'm trying to work on my long term goals. 24 hour type, no problem. It's why I can get so much done in a small period of time. Well that and I hate resistance so I just make it work. You know bend the laws of physics and stuff. Hey that's my answer for all the people that look at me strange when I accomplish so much. However I totally suck with long term goals. Visualization of the future is about as clear as charcoal. I know this is one of my bigger problems with moving on in my life to riches and fame. I have no clue what I want and it usually takes me a long period of time to figure it out. Although I have to admit I'm getting better at it. So tonight I answered all my 10 year questions. Whether it will take 10 years I have no idea, but it works for me. So for the next 24 hours I want to make a bunch of 1-2 year goals with work, social, and home. It can't hurt. I already know how much setting 24 hour goals has helped me over the years. The funny thing is that the Planner is the complete opposite of me. Far reaching goals are easy for her, but 24 hour ones are killer.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Very interesting, Mike. I think what you are describing is very common - some people are good at the forest picture, some people are good at the tree picture :)

Are you going to share your goals with us ?

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