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Sane Friends


I have to admit the Planner is very good business letter writer. I've sent her two letters so far for her opinion and what I got back was great. Today's was my attempt to either collect dues or dump dead weight from the the singles. Only 50% of our 230 membership have ever attended an event and only 22% have paid the $5. I've tried to help members come to more events, but have had little success. So now I'm really enforcing the dues and will banish members from the site if payment isn't received by the end of the month. The Planner's letter worked very well since I had my first payment in under 2 minutes. Since then my email counter has sounded like a machine gun. Some payments, some questions, etc. However at least more people are taking an interest which is what I want.

I'm sad to say that my phone bill was right. I added up my minutes and they're correct. My stay up at my brother's seem to be the big push over. Although I have to admit it was a busier month on the phone than I usually am. Oh well.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

$5. isn't very much to spend if someone is interested in the group. Of course, someone may not spend that until he has a chance to go to an event and get a feel for who the others are. Meaning, hey, if they've been on the rolls for a while, a nice but clear reminder makes a lot of sense, especially with an address thrown in, etc. Do you encourage people to suggest events and/or host one themselves? I seem to write these types of letters in my head and never get them onto paper. Sigh.


Glad that The Planner's letter is working so well !

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