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Sane Friends

A Relaxing Time

It was nice to see the Planner in the middle of the week. With all the travelling I did over the weekend it felt a lot longer since I seen her than Saturday. I still had some free pizza cards from my time with Papa Johns so we got some food and watched Failure to Launch. I wasn't expecting much and wanted a light movie. It was okay and made better with the Planner's company.

We had a little mishap last night which caused me to drop into old habits. I apologized for bringing my ex into it as old fears surfaced. I have to admit the Planner is the deepest relationship I've had since I was married. So as we get deeper there has been less practice on these issues. It did bring up a great talk in which the Planner said that she really cared for me.

She has gotten a lot better with having someone sleep in her bed. It was nice to wake up to her smiling face and have no idea what day it was, I was so relaxed. I was out of my element so I was good. Since it was her place I know the Planner was pretty relaxed and feeling good, but not how much. We grabbed some IHOP before I left. I told her I loved her today. I say it with everything else. I love this about you etc. So it was just natural. The Planner soaked it right up. So life is good.

3 people had cathartic therapy:


You said the L word???



are you sure you are not just "in love" with the idea of her???


Superstar - I know it's not truly love yet since it's too early. However I use the word with everything else to describe her so it felt like the natural progression.


I'm glad you and her are so comfortable with each other, and if this felt natural to say and you know what you meant by it, then good:)

Relaxed with each other can be really good, can't it:) So, good for you both.

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