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Well I accidentally put yesterday's post on my other blog so you missed out. I erased it and will fill you in. Yesterday one of our local news's channels called and wanted to know if I wanted to be part of their weekly high school sports section. Wow I was pretty excited although I had no idea what they wanted me to do. So I talked to the lady and she came over to interview me to see if it was a fit. I have to tell you I made this place sparkle. Anyway when she gets here all it is is a sales pitch for me to be a sponsor for the show. First of all I don't have 15k sitting in my back pocket and if I did I still wouldn't give it to her after the lie. What a let down.

The Planner stopped by yesterday after her meeting for some treatment. She wasn't feeling to well. She suggested that I may not want to come over since she wouldn't be in the mood. It's starting to get through to her that I just enjoy my time with her. I don't really care what we're doing as long as we are together. So she was a little subdued last night, but we had a fun time. She conked out early and I stayed up to read. The funny thing is when she is sleeping she doesn't want any touching, but soon as she is awake. Boom she can't wait for me to put my arms around her. This was the first day that I wished I had no patients because it would have been great to just lie around in bed together in each other's arms. However that wasn't meant to be and we settled for a few hours of cuddle time.

One of my patients has named me "The Man". When I asked him why he said after all the years of MD's, DO's, and DC's I'm the only one to get him out of pain in one day. Hey it's a gift. Now I just need to get a testimonial out of him.

Working on my closing skills this week for my health fair tomorrow. I need it to be profitable.

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