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Over dinner the Landlord informed me that Inverse's guy told her that she can't move in with him and that they won't be getting a place together because of his sick mom. At least I know why I got the free show this morning. I guess she doesn't know that my penis and wallet aren't connected and have never been. Well she has 3 weeks and counting in the house. April 5th is the big day.

L must not be seeing anyone this weekend since she is a little more talkative on Facebook. She's let me know what she's been doing all weekend long. Oh well she had her chance.

D and I set up our date for Wednesday and the museum. It's different talking to her from the women I normally date. She's a low person on the totem pole worker, no offense here. I've been dating business owners and higher ups in companies for a while now, so it's just different. D is good to say what she likes about what I do, but I need to see how much we connect on other levels.

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