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Sane Friends

Rebel Yell

Most people don't know it, but if you scratch me I'm a rebel underneath. While I'm mostly very agreeable and considerate. Rub me the wrong way and I'll buck like a fuckin' bronco. Many women I've dated over the years always ask what gets under my skin since I'm easy going. The biggest thing is being told how I feel. You can tell me what you think I'm okay, but change the words around to it being an accusation and we have a problem.

Now you're probably wondering if I have a hotel growing in my foot or is there some point to all this. Well since I needed my brother's help with our Mom's situation he wanted to talk to me about my business. While I have asked his advice in the pass, this was the first time he was asserting his view. Yeah it went over like a fucking lead weight. After finding myself all tense afterwards I realized where I got this rebel streak from. My brother is very domineering. While I know he has my best interest in heart; the softer gentler way is not his way. With a cooler head I was able to look back at what he said and pick out the nuggets of worth.

On the lighter side. D emailed my saying how sad she was that were weren't able to move to a more romantic stage since she had two great dates with me, but she still wanted to be friends like I had said. She wanted my email so we could stay in better touch. I was happy to give it to her and we'll see how it goes. Although it really showed me the reality break between us. Our two perceptions of the dates were worlds apart.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

They say Sagittarians are usually very easy going, but when you piss them off they can become very feisty.

Like you, I can't stand it when people tell me how I should feel. That definitely rubs me the wrong way.

I think it's nice that you came to an understanding with D.

However, unless there is no chemistry on both parts, I would be careful in actively being friends with her or possibly hanging out more than once in a long while. It seems that while you felt no chemistry with her, she felt it with you. And allowing her to hang out with you may make her try to win you back. She may still think that she has a chance.


I agree that she may think she has a chance still to win me. Like the last girl I dated. We stayed friends. We tried to get together once since then and it didn't work and we haven't tried again. I have enough on my plate so D maybe waiting a while.

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