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Sane Friends

Goodbye and Thanks for the Memories

Well tomorrow is Inverse's moving out day. We've been on different schedules for a while now. Actually since Phili moved in I hardly ever see Inverse. Anyway I was catching up with the Landlord on her since she still had her bf's new truck for 2 weeks now. He has the one he sold her. I was informed that she had grown tired of this guy, but was trying to get him to fix the truck before she dumped him. She also got a few hundred from him I hear. I knew that would always be one of her angles. Inverse comes across as a user and I can see she's going to bleed this guy dry before she dumps him. Then onto the next sucker.

I don't know if I'll see her tomorrow or not. I wonder if she'll make one more overt play for me or not.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL I am so loving that Tramp Stamp poster. BTW, does Inverse have a tramp stamp ?

I think Inverse is kinda busy with her boy toys, but I do think she may use her goodies to get you to help her to move out if no one else is there to do it.

But I think you would help her no matter what to just get her out of there. That, and it's in your Sagitarrian nature.

Who will you and the landlord gossip about once she is gone ? You must admit it has been somewhat amusing.

And please keep us posted as to whether the landlord recovers his rent money. Inquiring minds would like to know


It was a great find Senorita. I LMAO. Actually I don't know. I know she has one on her arm and leg. Surprising after all this time that I don't know. It's true she was good for blog fooder. so far no money and I doubt any will be coming.


Hmmm... I'm no good girl, but I don't have one of those stamps either.


I wouldn't hold my breath on any money. Tell her I said buh-bye.


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