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Sane Friends

Sadness Grinds In

When I got up this morning there was a message from Blondie hoping I didn't take her text as a blow off and that she wasn't feeling well. Then the text arrived and it was nothing. However I know when you like someone you worry and if you're not feeling well, it's only worse. I have to admit it's nice knowing someone likes me which can be a major drain of worry. Anyway we just decided to do the date another day since she's still not feeling good. So I'll call her later when I get home from the museum. Since people asked, Blondie has a North Carolina accent. Like she says all white redneck.

The office is grinding down to a halt today. The funny thing is that is that I've heard the same thing from friends about this week. Some in chiropractic and others in different jobs. Today I'm doing some ghoul work. I'm looking for chiropractors going under or have gone under recently to get their patient lists. So far nothing is coming up.

I have come to understand that Phili is a wounded bird. She may be a nice person and will do well as a housemate, but she's got a few screws loose. That wounded bird syndrome detection is big in me and I know to stay far away from her.

Inverse will be moving out this weekend which will be good as tension levels in the house will drop. The funny thing with her is that she buys these movies that everyone pans. First it was Max Paine. Last night it was Twilight. Oye. I don't call her Inverse for nothing.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Based on your descriptions, I've always been averse to inverse. Good riddance.

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