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The Dead Zone

Ugh, it's a dead day in the office today. I think I'm going to cut out early and head on home to do some laundry. I've made as many phone calls as I'm going to do today. All work is done here and my mind is starting to wander.

Last night's singles event went well even though we had about 60% absent. I think I'll skip the place until they get some new exhibits there. Last night was my third time there in the last 6 weeks. I need a break.

Blondie and I had a fun conversation last night. Hopefully she will be better soon so we can go out. I'm trying to keep out talks to about 45 minutes and for us to always leave on a high mark. I texted her this morning, but haven't heard anything yet. I'll call her tonight after dinner and see how she's doing. It's weird without face to face interaction how things slow down.
Not quite sure what's up with Phili. She was crying in her room this morning. In talking to her she lives with a lot of denial and fantasy holding things together. What caused this all I'm not quite sure. If you ever hear about a brunette going postal it may be her. Tomorrow night she starts her second job as a waitress so she'll be out of the place more often.

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