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Sane Friends

Some Thoughts

Thinking more on my date with Blondie, I realized in a way we're both the same. More joking when with a group, but a serious side when one on one. German girl made a good comment on the whole thing. She said that all the touching Blondie did when we were with everyone else indicated that I was hers. Touch is possession. I remember when we went to Gordon Beirsch and we slid into the booth. My friend Kathy was going to sit next to me, but took one look at Blondie and sat on the other side. I remember being out a long time ago after L and I broke up and we ran into each other in a club. She hugged and touched me a whole bunch. I theorized that she was marking me as hers even though she was there with another guy.

The other thing she said was that if she touched me during the date I would have taken it as a come on which I have to admit I would. That by not touching me it would slow things down to get to know each other. I have to admit I am taking it slow in my mind. When we were trying to set up our sushi date. I was okay with it being next weekend. Blondie was more intense on having it happen soon.

The extra incentive Blondie brings to my life is that extra kick in the ass to get the business going. My coach always tries to get me to focus on something that business will bring me so I'll work it hard. Right now I'm doing it to be the star pupil that I seem to fit into. However I would rather have the focus be on me so that it's self perpetuating.

Anyway since we are getting together Wednesday I'll call her tomorrow night to catch up with Blondie.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I guess that makes sense ... she was touching, then not touching you for a reason.


Touch is so powerful:) Believe me, when a fellow dancer grabbed E's butt one evening, before she knew he had started going out with me, I think I took more notice than he did. (She was dumbfounded shocked when she figured "us" out, lol, oh well. While others knew we'd liked each other.) Us ladies usually have each other figured out.:)

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