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Sane Friends

Thursday Afternoon

Well I got to see the Model's place today. It was very nice and a good color scheme. One thing I have noticed over the years in dealing with models is that they are men with boobs. By that I mean that they aren't in touch with there feminine feelings. Why they know how to project this female sexiness, they becomes a candy wrapper. They really attractive on the outside, but there is something missing on the inside that doesn't add up. It's the Non Sum Game. You only have 100 points to spend. All of it was spent on looks and emotional development got short changed.

Anyway the facial was great. It kind of snuck up on my how relaxing it would be. Originally it was at the end of my day, but the Model called and said she had cancellations and could I come early. I know how it is to sit around waiting so I agreed. However I'm tired for my end of day with a surprise new patient.

Today I went to my Mom's place and filled out all the paperwork. There was some miscalculations and the amount owed is smaller which I'm happy about. I'm just relieved to have it done with for now.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

You haven't known enough models, then albeit I have no doubt that the ones you've met are described appropriately by your comments.

Glad the amount owed is less. Every bit helps sometimes.

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