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Sane Friends

Driving in the Passenger Seat

The title is actually part of a dream I had when I was 3-4. I still remember the whole dream vividly. Anyway I now have not one, but two assistant organizers for the singles group. The most amazing thing is that they are actually doing work. I've had others take the position in the past and do nothing until I fired them. Not that it's a paying job or anything.

The Photographer has been helping me on our side of the water. I gave her a few things that I don't like doing like bowling (which I do enjoy, but hurts my shoulder). Since then she has branched out which has been very helpful.

NASA asked to help out since he lives on the Peninsula and they feel left out which they are I'm sad to admit. However I haven't gotten any dependable hosts for that region. So he stepped up to the plate. NASA is not mister personality, but he is a nice guy. My hope is that he'll be able to gather all the people up there into a group to have fun.

The weird thing nowadays is that a bunch of events happen and I have no idea what's going on. After doing this for over a year now by myself, I'm use to knowing the pulse of the group. Now I have to look up events to see how they're doing. It's all new for me.

Not much has changed with the group otherwise. A full 1/3 of the group is within their 30 days of joining which means I'm still waiting to see if they pay or not. 10-15% of the paid members haven't been on the site in months. These are the people I wonder when they send the money in for membership. They like being part of it, but you almost never see them if ever.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Well, $5. is worth the risk of joining, even if a person can only make 1-2 events a year, I suspect. I'm glad you have some real help now! And, perhaps you can show support by bringing a few people w/ you to the peninsula every other month or something. Perhaps NOT during tourist (traffic) season.

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