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Sane Friends


It was pointed out to me yesterday to track the retention rate of my patients. After doing the stats I see that it's dropping for whatever reason. So I'm working on scripts today to help get those numbers back up. Over the years have learned from many marketing gurus. Most people push fear and smoke and mirrors. Two things I don't want to do. It's no way to have a relationship with anyone.

Besides business I end up talking about this in two other arenas. Parenting and dating. Physical discipline has never been in my dictionary with Eric. I had it growing up and besides learning fear it didn't do anything positive for me. What I did learn actually is that adults when they lose it will fall back to fear and physical punishment. The last bastion for hope and that's a sad statement. For most people that I've talked to over the years they are just repeating what was done to them or it was just easier than communicating. The funny thing is there answer is always "no" if I ask if they can be hit if they do something wrong.

In relationships, I see fear and retention takes many forms. The biggest one I hear is when a person finds the "one" in an attempt to retain them in their lives they give up everyone else. Then when the relationship is over they wonder why it's so bad. There support system and other health outlets are all gone to help ease the pain.

The flip side of this which I hear from more women than men is the SO that isolates you from your friends. They want you so much, they don't want to share. The road to abuse is paved this way.

For me in relationships I usually gauge myself by what things I'm giving up for the other person. I'll make alterations for a SO, but most things I do are what make me and keep me healthy. To let go of them will make me a different person.

So what about you? Where to you fit in?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

In terms of a romantic relationship, I really agree with you that the two people definitely still need to maintain who they are, individually. I'll add that they should also find that merging place as a couple, too. Both could and should share things, try new things, compromise, and maintain their own friendships that don't threaten the relationship of course. Respect, really, for the whole person.

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