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Sane Friends

Stay On Target

It's been a great week at work, but I'm having a hard time feeling it. My business coach pointed out that I'm focusing on where I want to be instead of the hole I was in and how far I've come. It's true I have my goals of where I want to be and when I don't meet it I'm not feeling excited. However he points out I've increased my business by 60% since my worse month in November.

So at the moment I'm excited. I've met my goal for new patients this week. Collections I won't know till the end of the week. However I'm 1 away from a record for the week. My coach suggested I call the people that said they want to come in, but haven't. So I've made a few calls telling them I'm 1 away from a record and I know you wanted to come in. No takers yet, but they are now looking for me.

I'm trying not to feel codependent with Phili. She had asked if her in the shower this morning at 7 was a problem for me. I told her no since I would be using at 7:30. Cool right? Not really I get up and hop in the shower at 7:30 and she's still asleep. Phili hopped in after me, but I didn't wake her. This sleeping late thing of hers has been happening 3 days in a row and I don't want the responsibility of waking her. So I didn't say anything this morning. However part of me feels bad.

Finally the sun has returned after a week long rain fest. It's so nice to see a cloudless blue sky.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

If you don't want the responsibility of waking Philli, don't wake her up at all. If you start waking her up now, she'll come to expect it. By doing nothing now, you're training her on how to treat you which is not relying on you to wake her.

I am a late sleeper myself, but don't expect my roommates to wake me up.

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