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Gawd I Hate Bad Weather

It's not that I hate driving in it. I've delivered pizza and kids in bad weather. It's completely worse. Telemarketers know people must be home doing nothing. So they pull in the A, B, C, and even make up a D shift to come in a call people. My phone is ringing off the hook today. All the ID's are like from Timbuktu so I know it's sales people wanting to send me that toner for the copy machine that I ordered even though I don't own one. I have to admit being on the Don't Call List has slowed the amount of calls, but they still come.

The score card is break even with 50% of people saying wear a jacket Saturday night and the other half saying no. I have to look in my closet and see if I even have a suit jacket anymore. Two years in the gym has made a lot of my old clothes not fit anymore. Since I never wear a suit I'm not buying one. So if one isn't back there I have a great maize colored cotton shirt to wear with some brown pants. I dress casually for work so it'll have to do.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Okay, mister. It's time to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call list.

Do it now...


Doesn't bad weather just give you more spinal columns to manipulate? I shoveled snow 4 times today & 2 of the times I saw other people shoveling fall, very hard. I would think this all translates into more business. ~Mary

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