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Sane Friends

That was Fast

Doubt was a good movie. If you get a chance to see it it's worth the rental fee. I got to meet a new member and her guess who will join up. So all in all it was a good night.

When I got home I ran into Phili and asked her about getting lost. She didn't realize our road goes right back to the main road. Phili was still back tracking the Landlord's directions in. so I set her straight so she can get out of here with no problem. She made a comment about being surprised that I was home early from partying. I told her I was out with my singles group seeing the movie. Her first question was what the group was about. The second question was if I had a special someone in the group. I was surprised. Most people either ask about activities or if it was a good place to meet people. Not if I was interested in someone. So I think I may be in some one's sights.

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