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Alone Time

Blondie wanted to know how come I was home tonight since I've been out every night this week. That was pretty much my answer. I wanted one night to relax and get some laundry done. Hey there is always a method to my madness. Actually I'm just very good with my time. I know with my personal time I make very good choices on the best way to use it so I get a lot done and enjoy it along the way. Anyway Blondie added grits to her diet today along with crackers and Gatorade. She's seeing the doctor tomorrow to hopefully get some help on fully getting rid of this. Blondie says that she's had it off and on since December. Oye. I tell you I'm missing her and would like to see her. However the way she sounded today I don't think that will happen over the weekend which is a bummer.

The Landlord seems to be out of the house every Thursday so it's me and Phili tonight. We had dinner together and she told me her game plan for getting on her feet. She has her full time job and starts her second job tomorrow night as a waitress. Then next weekend she's starting a third job. Hey she hopes to have all her bills paid off and money in the bank in 3 months. I wish her well. Hopefully the lack of sleep won't cause a psychotic episode. I tell you she must like showing off her legs since she's always got on a short skirt or daisy duke type shorts.

Correction: Phili wasn't crying this morning she was laughing her ass off. She's doing again tonight while watching TV.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm glad she has an outlet (even if it's laughing hysterically at television), and a plan. She may not be on top of things now, but sounds as if she'll get there, even if 3 jobs at once, ouch.

Of COURSE you, and others, need some downtime, too!

And, grits? Ha, she really is a southern woman, isn't she?

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