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I called Blondie last night. She was wondering who it was since I was calling from my land line. I did inform her that she was now one of the select few who had it. Anyway it was great talking to her and I love listening to her accent on the phone. I tell you it was good to laugh a lot while talking with someone. Blondie admitted that it had been a very long time since she enjoyed such easy conversation. I told her I wasn't looking to ask anyone out, but I knew there was something there after we met. Her two cats got to say hi to me on the phone which was pretty funny. The male has a deep voice that is easily heard over the phone. I have to admit I watched the clock as we talked. I knew she had a bunch of things to do and I had a few before I went to bed and I know how we talk. 45 minutes flew by before we knew it. So we scheduled to meet for sushi tomorrow night at our favorite place. I'll just leave the singles event a little early.

It was interesting. Blondie made a comment that many do that they like that I do cheap events. Hey no one wants to break the bank, least of all me. Especially since I do many events a week. She did want to know how I handle everything time wise if we continued to date which is always a good sign. I tell you I haven't been this happy and excited about someone in a long while.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I am happy things are going well with Blondie. What kind of accent does she have ?

I can tell that you weren't so excited about the others that you've blogged about before Blondie and happy to see a change.

I read your other blog entry and like you, it is really hard for me to ask for help.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH! :)

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